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  • What is the Suzuki teaching method?
    The Suzuki Method is based on the principle that every child can – just as every child has the ability to learn language, every child can develop musicality through a nurturing and positive environment. In the Suzuki approach, students can begin learning an instrument as young as 3 years old. To name a few – this approach includes involvement of the parent, the importance of listening to music, and a high standard of teaching. The main goal of this method is to develop and raise thoughtful human beings through music education.
  • Is the Suzuki Method right for me?
    This method is best applied to younger children – every child can with the right support. At the end of each week's lesson, I will provide simple tasks for the student to practice. For the best results, parents should imitate what was done in the lesson at home with their child. Over time, your child will blossom into a fine musician and person. For teenagers and adult students, the tradition teaching style will be applied with just as much care to the individual.
  • What kind of guitar should I play?
    When choosing a guitar the most important factors include: Type: an acoustic, nylon string guitar. Steel strings can be hard on beginner's fingers. Size: an appropriate sized guitar. Full sized guitars are best for adults and teenagers. Depending on a child's age and height, there are options for 3/4, 1/2, and 1/4 guitars. Imagine buying a mens size 9 shoe for a 7 year old. Additional materials can be found at are also links to specific items on my materials page.
  • How much do I/my child need to practice?
    Consistent practice every day is ideal. Depending on the student’s age and prior obligations, the time could range from 15-60 minutes per day. There will be little-to-no improvement if the student does not practice.


"I took guitar lessons in school & learned little to nothing. By the end, I didn’t even learn to play a single chord. Naturally, I quit. It wasn’t until years later, when I took lessons with Chris Rogers, that my skills truly developed. I progressed more in my first month with Chris, then my previous year of lessons. He paid attention to my natural ability to play by ear & read music from previous piano lessons.


Chris is great at helping students set and reach personal goals. He's informative in the history of classical guitar and the importance of technique to prevent injury – as well as desired sound. I was so impressed how much my sound and string-to-chord progression improved in such little time, it wasn’t long before I upgraded from 30 minutes to 1 hour lessons. It was worth every penny! If you have the time and love music, I would highly recommend giving Chris your business."


If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to me.

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